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Embracing a Natural Skincare and Makeup Routine: A Journey to Healthier Beauty Products


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In her latest YouTube video, Katherine Sewing, a trusted beauty influencer and advocate for natural beauty, shares her years-long journey towards developing a healthier skincare and makeup routine. Titled "Embracing a Natural Skincare and Makeup Routine: A Journey to Healthier Beauty Products," the video takes viewers along for a morning of getting ready with Katherine, as she demonstrates how she incorporates all-natural products into her routine.

Katherine's decision to break up with commercial mainstream beauty products stemmed from her lack of confidence in the safety of their ingredients. Recognizing that our skin is highly absorbent, she felt the need to make informed and discerned choices when selecting her beauty products. After years of research and experimentation, Katherine perfected her skincare routine, focusing on preserving her skin's moisture, glow, and protection from the elements.

Throughout the video, Katherine introduces viewers to the raw, natural, and often multi-purpose ingredients she incorporates into her skincare routine. She also reveals Asian massage techniques that have significantly enhanced her facial appearance and overall skin health. In addition, Katherine shares her go-to natural makeup company, which meets her high standards of being truly natural, safe, and effective.

In her quest for a simpler, safer, and more natural approach to skincare and makeup, Katherine emphasizes the importance of being discerning with ingredients. She encourages viewers to consider the concept that everything applied to the skin ends up inside the body. With her edibility standard, which essentially requires that products are safe enough to be consumed, Katherine seeks out products that align with her values and eliminate synthetic chemicals.

By documenting her journey to healthier beauty products, Katherine inspires viewers to explore the idea of a more natural and sustainable beauty routine. Her insights and recommendations offer guidance to those seeking a simpler, safer, and more natural way to care for their skin and apply makeup.

Note: This article is a rewrite based on the provided text. The author, Katherine Sewing, is an influencer on YouTube, active in the beauty and lifestyle niche. The original content can be found on her YouTube channel at

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